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Size Guide

Buying a bikini doesn't have to be a hassle, let's find your perfect size! 

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Find your measurements

You can find your MIST size in two ways, 
with a tape measure (most reliable method) or through your bra size.

  • Underbust measure

    Measure below the bust keeping the tape straight and close to the skin. The number in centimeters (cm) corresponds to your underbust measure.

  • Bustline measure

    Measure the bust by placing the tape measure in the larger area of the bust, keeping the tape straight and close to the skin. The number in centimeters (cm) corresponds to your bustline measure.

How do our sizes Work?
MIST top sizes are numbered 1 through 8, with size 1 being the smallest and size 8 the largest.

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about this style

Peggy is a fresh and sophisticated style, a one-strap top that offers all the support and structure you need to support your bust. It has a medium neckline shaped by a continuous line, from the side to the strap, which adapts naturally to the shape of each body.

This bikini has a very original and super adjustable back, you’ll feel safe and confident! To ensure the maximum comfort for Peggy, it has a strap that goes through the back and ties at the front, allowing it to adjust around the body, and a high side area.

This style is recommended for busts with some volume and projected but also for more mature chest. For very heavy breasts it may not be the most comfortable because it does not have so much structure, so it is only available up to size 6. All models are produced with recycled fabric.

Fit Tips

  • For full and voluminous busts this top will disguise the volume and any asymmetries.
  • For a less voluminous bust this style will create. 
  • Recommended for various back sizes, from narrow to wide. If you have a wide back please get in touch to talk about your size.
  • Suitable for small to medium bust. 
See Peggy

Find your size

Do your measurements fit in various sizes? 
We recommend the size that is more intermediate.
Sizes for tops
1 60 a 77 83 a 91
2 63 a 77 85 a 93
3 66 a 83 87 a 95
4 69 a 86 89 a 97
5 72 a 89 91 a 99
6 75 a 92 98 a 106
table for bra sizes *
bra size
1 34 - 36B 32 - 34C 30 - 32D
2 34 - 36C 32 - 34D 30-32DD
3 34 - 36D 32 - 34DD 30-32E
4 34 - 36DD 32 - 34E 30-32F
5 34 - 36E 32 - 34F 30-32FF
6 34 - 36F 32 - 34FF 30-32G

*Please keep in mind that sizes may vary between brands and you might not be wearing the right bra size. We only recommend this method if you are completely satisfied with the comfort of your current bra. (UK sizes)

If you need help send us an email to
or a message via instagram @mistpt

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