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It has become increasingly important to know a brand well before buying their product. Mist was created with the well-being of girls and women in mind, never forgetting all the people who contribute to the process of creating our pieces.


We are constantly on the lookout for better ways to reduce our environmental impact to be more sustainable, an essential value for us from the start. From materials, suppliers, factories and packaging - everything has an impact and we intend to continue making the best choices we can.

In the creation and design we seek to create alternatives in order to reduce the number of sizes required and always consider the adaptability of the pieces, which we design with the longevity of the product in mind.


All our bikinis are produced in Portugal and we think of all our suppliers as partners.

We work with local factories that guarantee good working conditions and follow the whole process, collaborating to develop the best possible pieces.


The material we chose for our bikinis is a fabric with ECONYL®, recycled and regenerated from fishing nets and other nylon scraps collected from the ocean, in order to reuse existing resources. This fabric combined with the best Italian LYCRA® XTRA LIFE ™ results in a soft touch and lasting quality.

We also aim to find new ways to reuse leftovers from fabric production, which we already use for our care labels.

Mist icon Proteções Higiénicas

Hygienic protections

Every small detail counts, and even for the plastic hygienic protections we have found a solution. The protections in our bikinis are made from sugarcane fibres, which makes them biodegradable - less waste, less worries.

Mist icon Volume de produção e longevidade do produto


We have as one of our top priorities the value of quality over quantity. We want to inspire a conscious purchase and for this reason we produce quality pieces which, when treated with due care, can last several years.

Mist icon Packaging


Our packaging was created for convenience and meant to be re-used. A versatile bag that you can use as you see fit.

Mist icon Objetivos


Some of our future goals are minimizing plastic during our production and distribution, reduce leftover fabrics and organize a product return system.

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