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True Colors Talks

At Mist we love to share stories and perspectives from different women because we believe it can be truly beneficial for all of us. We wanted to take a step further into exploring the theme of emotions and so we invited a few incredible women to speak openly about themselves and their struggles. 

We hope these talks inspire you as much as they inspired us. Thank you to the women who joined us.

Episode #1 - Tamara Castelo

In this episode we spoke to Tâmara Castelo, about her perspectives on emotions, how we can maintain healthier relationships with ourselves and others and about the influence that what we are taught was children can have in our emotional development as adults - and more! (EN captions)

Episode #2 - Beatriz Patachao

In this episode we spoke to Beatriz about how she deals with her emotions, what she went through with her treatment for cervical cancer and its impact, how therapy can bring you new perspectives - and much more! (no captions yet)

Episode #3 - Beatriz Marques

In this episode we spoke to Beatriz Marques, about her relationship with her emotions and grief, the importance of friendship and of how like can change at any moment - and a lot more. (no captions yet)

Episode #4 - Bárbara Martings

In this episode we spoke to Bárbara Martins, about her relationship with her emotions and anxiety, the process of therapy, dealing with depression and why speaking openly about mental health is so important - and a lot more!

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