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We are 3 sisters with 3 concerns and 3 goals. Creating a sustainable and comfortable fashion. J. loved to have a collection of beautiful and modern bikinis. As long as the materials used are recycled, with the least environmental impact possible while diminishing waste, was the requirement of B. For C., the most important was the comfort and quality in bikinis, with models that adapted to different body types. United by difference we created a single concept.

Mist was created due to our necessity to find bikinis that would suit our bodies. Every Summer the same thing happened: we looked in every store and brand and even in those where we already knew it wouldn’t be worth it. We couldn’t find a style that was suitable for us and that made us feel comfortable and confident, constrained to the point of not being able to take a dive, play a game of beach rackets or run by the water. We wanted a simple bikini that fit our shape.

We started looking online and found some options, but there was always something that left us hesitant. The photographs were different from the product we received at home, we couldn’t understand the fit because the models always wore the smallest sizes, or we didn’t identify with the patterns and colors. Over the years we became aware that we were not the only ones, and that the difficulty in buying a comfortable, modern, high-quality and appropriately sized supportive bikini was increasing.

We decided to join our other sister, Joana, the one who has always been crazy about bikinis and cannot spend a whole Summer without buying a few, and we created Mist, inspired by the beach where we grew up - Santa Cruz. This project was created in order to fulfill this need that two of us felt, but we quickly realized that the right way would be to create bikinis for various types of shapes and sizes.

Joana, Carolina e Beatriz

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