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Our Sizes

Why did we create our own sizes?

One of the great dilemmas when we created Mist, and something we still strive to improve, were the sizes for our tops! Usually you can find two different types of naming systems, either S, M, L, XL and so on or the combination of back size and cup, for example 34E

We thought that S to XL sizes would not be flexible enough for us and, although back+cup size seemed ideal, on the other hand it wouldn’t be viable to fit the different types of bodies we wanted. And these are relative sizes - most women do not wear their ideal bra size, and these sizes can change from one brand to another - what is a C cup in brand X can be different from a C cup in brand Y.

If one option seemed too simple, the other was too complex. After various tries and a lot of back and forth, conversations with our factory and considering our values and goals we came to the realization that none of these naming systems made sense for Mist, therefore we decided to create our own sizes.

Adjustable styles 

For us our sizes had to be as adjustable as possible so that they could fit perfectly a wide range of women’s bodies, and also because adjustable styles are also better in terms of longevity when compared to a style with a fixed back size. If we think about it, it makes total sense, if we buy a bra and we need to use the last hook from the start, it won’t last as much as if you were to buy a bra that you could use on the first and then move to the second and third over time! Moreover, we want to promote conscious purchases, and so our goal has always been to produce quality swimwear that, cared of with love, can be used for many years.

And so, focusing especially on comfort and support for large busts, but embracing various sizes, we created our 8 top sizes in adjustable styles, allowing them to adapt to different shapes and different measurements. We were then able to include more sizes than an S - because we have 8 sizes, and more than a 30F -  because they fit more back sizes.

How do I find my Mist size?

The easiest way to find your size is by finding your bust and back measurements, this way we are not tied to S-XL clothing sizes or bra sizes that may change from brand to brand. We are constantly studying the behaviour of our styles and sizes and improving our size guide and the help and advice we give online and at our showroom. We are always available to answer any questions you have and advice you :) Find our size and style guide here.

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