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Buying a bikini doesn't have to be a hassle, let's find your perfect size! 

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Devemos obter o nosso tamanho Mist através de duas formas,
Com uma fita métrica (método mais fiável) ou através de correspondência do nosso tamanho de copa.

  • Medida de costas

    Medir abaixo do peito mantendo a fita direita e junto à pele. O número em centímetros (cm) equivale ao teu tamanho de costas.

  • Medida de busto

    Medir o peito colocando a fita métrica na zona mais volumosa do peito, mantendo a fita direita e junto à pele. O número em centímetros (cm) equivale ao teu tamanho de copa.

Como saber as suas medidas
Os tamanhos MIST são numerados de 1 a 8, sendo o tamanho 1 o mais pequeno e o tamanho 8 o maior

Escolhe o teu modelo preferido

Isla One Piece


The Isla One Piece is a swimsuit inspired by our bestseller Isla top. A one piece with crossed front and back, with adjustable straps and a strong elastic band under the bust to keep everything in place. Featuring a low back and a cheeky coverage bottom. 

Created especially for women who feel more comfortable in a one piece swimsuit with a bit more coverage, with thick ties that you can adjust and place at the back or at the front disguising the belly area and medium leg height. A swimsuit that guarantees support and comfort for large busts, suitable for full and round busts as well as for shallow and less voluminous busts. All styles are produced with recycled fabric.

To find your size please head to our fit guide page. You will need your top size + bottom size to find your match in the swimsuit sizes table in our fit guide - please consider your coverage preference.

Fit Tips

  • For a full and round bust, large or heavy, this style provides support that is difficult to find in tops without underwire and cups. 
  • By being a very adjustable style it can be adequate for a bust in constant change of volume or shape, such as during pregnancy or breastfeeding. 
  • We have adapted our one piece sizes to allow for some “mix and match” between different sizes of top and bottom, for the same top size there is more than one bottom size option. 
  • There is flexibility in bottom sizes as there are less seams and it won’t dig as a separate bottom might. 
  • The size 3S of this one piece can fit top sizes 1,2 and 3 as the Isla top is easily adjustable. 
See Isla One Piece

As tuas medidas encaixam em vários tamanhos?
Aconselhamos o tamanho que seja mais intermédio.
Mist size underbust measure (CM) bustline measure (CM)
1 60 to 77 83 to 91
2 63 to 77 85 to 93
3 66 to 83 87 to 95
4 69 to 86 89 to 97
5 72 to 89 91 to 99
6 75 to 92 98 to 106
7 78 to 95 100 to 108
8 81 to 98 102 to 110
SIZES FOR bottoms
 Mist Size UE SIze UK size USA size
S 34 6 2
M 36 8 4
L 38 10 6
XL 40 12 8
SIZES FOR one pieces
Mist size  TOP size bottom size
3S 1, 2 and 3 S and M
4M 3 and 4  M and L
5S 5 and 6 S and M 
5M 5 and 6 M and L 
6L 5 and 6 L and XL
7M 7 and 8 M and L
8XL 7 and 8 L and XL

If you need help send us a message or an email to

If you need help send us an email to
or a message via instagram @mistpt

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