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The consequences of using a pretty but not adequate bikini

So that you never have to give up support, comfort or your health to feel beautiful and confident

Have you ever bought an item of clothing just because it looked nice, even though it wasn’t comfortable? I used to pick the pretty bikinis instead of the comfortable ones, and I ended up suffering the consequences.

I always preferred to wear the cute bikini instead of the one that was the right size for my bust. I always refused to wear bras and bikinis that I didn’t like, a lot of the time the cup wasn’t adequate to my size or the underwire would not stay in the right place as it would be too small for my bust. My main concern was having my boobs in what seemed to be an ok position and a good cleavage that could hide what I didn’t like. I would buy my bikinis in any store and just get the prettiest design in the largest size, and convince myself it was my size and the most comfortable I would find.

Here is a photo of my pre-Mist bikinis (and this was one of the best!)

Years later I started to feel the consequences, the neck and back pain, due to the weight of my bust was one of them. Because I didn’t have necessary support, the straps, a lot of the time, did all the work. I was sore and I still have marks on my shoulders that will never completely disappear. Overtime I gained a harmful posture which, with a pre-existent scoliosis and a job that is not easy on the spine, it just got worse and worse. 

If I knew then what I know today I would have never underestimated comfort and support in a bikini, because these two things together with a modern and beautiful design are fundamental to make us feel good with ourselves, it was unlucky that I was not able to find this 2 in 1 perfect deal.

This was one of the reasons that made us create Mist, so that you never have to feel like you need to give up support, comfort or even your health to feel beautiful and confident with your body. Having a large bust doesn’t have to mean you don’t get to wear beautiful bikinis, and that is why we are here. I hope you find in Mist what I couldn’t find. 

- Carolina

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