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Who are we?

We are 3 sisters behind Mist

Today we launch this blog on the Mist website in order to let you know more about us, about the brand we created and continue to create and about every subject that we consider relevant to talk to you about. We're going to talk about our Mist styles in depth, show more of our process and thoughts and share stories from different women.

To start off right we bring you some information about us, for you to get to know us a little better. The three of us created Mist because we couldn't find modern, comfortable bikinis that had support for full busts, we always defend inclusivity and the beauty of all women and all bodies because we all deserve to feel confident and happy! A brand made with love, focused on ethics, sustainability, transparency, support and the beauty of sharing our experiences! 


Joana, 33 years old, aries, studied management. Breakfast is usually the highlight of my day. I love avocado toast with eggs and fruit, but pizza, ice cream and Portuguese custard tarts are my favorite indulgences. I don't like coffee or going out at night, but a nice dinner with friends is always welcomed. I find it hard to finish a book before I start reading another. I like to do sports but please don't invite me to go for a run. I love the sun, the heat, bikinis and everything that involves the sea and nature, I like to spend a lot of time doing photosynthesis. I love to travel but there is nothing better than the comfort of my home. I'm crazy about sneakers and white is my favourite color. Family and love are what drives me.

What do you enjoy the most at Mist? 

I love to carefully prepare and send your orders and receive feedback from each one of you. The entire process of designing each style until we reach the final result is magical. I love to choose colors, patterns and idealize collections and what we want to communicate to you, as well as all the logistics behind it.

What is your favorite Mist bikini set?

My favorite Mist set is the Dorie Nero Spring + Margarita Nero.


Carolina, 29, libra, studied dentistry. I'm addicted to crunchy food, and pizza and ice cream can never be enough. I always need to be doing something, there is always something to clean or to tidy up at home! I don't like to be alone, I worry about everything and everyone around me, when someone close to me is not ok I won't stop until I have helped! I hate being tickled and being pranked but my biggest pet peeve is feet! I can't stay at home in my pyjamas for too long, even though I know I’ll be staying in. I love the adrenaline I feel when going down a ski slope with the wind blowing in my face, I love going for a swim in the cold sea of Santa Cruz, and that feeling of a brain freeze that makes you gasp!

What do you enjoy the most at Mist? 

What makes me feel the happiest and fulfilled is to welcome you at our showroom, meet you in the markets, to have the opportunity to introduce you to our brand and concept, to explain all the details of our pieces and to help you discover your dream fit.

What is your favorite Mist bikini set?

My favorite Mist set is the Juno + Hali em Terracota.


Beatriz, 23 years old, cancer, studied photojournalism. I like to eat peanut butter for dessert, I admire every dog that I walk by in the street and I never leave the house without my backpack. I am obsessed with memories so I love to take and look at photographs. I love the sea and nature. I like to do things my way, I hate inequality and presumption. I like to listen to the same song on repeat and watch the sames movies over and over again. I love to hear stories, have long conversations and I never do anything before considering the consequences. I like to help and to make someone laugh.  

What do you enjoy the most at Mist? 

Preparing our campaigns and photoshoots, trying on the final prototyopes of our styles when we get to the perfect fit, answering the messages and emails we receive and being able to share stories of different women that identify with out brand. 

What is your favorite Mist bikini set?

my favorite Mist set is the Metta + Margarita, in any color! 

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